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10.000 Members in Discord & Launch Profiles update

:online: 10.000 Members & Biggest Update since launch off RustGroups.com

Hey everyone, 10K members have been achieved thank you all for making this possible

Today we are also launching Profiles on RustGroups, now you can add your Discord/Steam/Xbox Tag/Playstation Network ID to our website:verified~1:

:fire~1:New Site Features


- Neater memberlist on groups, also see the group members profile page

- Profile Strenghts - Profile Traits

- Profile Platforms, select what platforms you play(s)

- Player Language(s) - Socials on Profile (Discord/Steam ID & Profile/Playstation Network/Xbox) - DM System (Coming soon) - Reputation system( Coming soon) - Several Bug Fixes

:verified~1: To checkout my profile to see how it looks, go to:

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