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About Rust LFG

Hooraayy!! Someone wants to know who we are.😎 

We started Rust LFG December 2020. We suppose to setup a forum-like system and made a support discord.

The forums weren’t used at all. Then the discord started to get attention, with the OTV madness people started to play Rust – The old Reddit like systems wasn’t really anything anymore for new people. People want to instantly connect.

We went from 50 members to 1000 under a month. The largest growing Rust Community.

In 3 months we grew out to 3000 members. We made a couple changes on the Discord and our goal is to grow further.

There was one Rust LFG Discord server before, they had like 1.1K members and we overgrew them in one month. Their Toxic community isn’t something to look out for either. We strive to push a lot of advertisements to our userbase.

Compared to ohter LFG Discord servers we are the one with the fastest growing community, the easiest to use, and also good moderated.

So if you want to join today come Join the Discord

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