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Junkmonger Jason

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Holmzy hits me up, “tp to me on east large, you gotta see this”.

I …uh …if you’re old enough to remember Sanford & Son there’s a striking resemblance.

Was pretty impressive! On the other side of the compound he had a DJ pod.

Getting some Burning Man vibes.

This is dedication!Base Building Basics

With the recent influx of players we felt it important to educate the noobs on how to build a little better. There’s many layers to building a solid base in a good spot with room for expansion.

WayZ did a great job of explaining all of that leading into the actual build.

To further elaborate on that, our Rust Wiki is a work in progress but we recently added page that goes into how Tool Cupboards, decay, and upkeep work.Creator Spotlight

This month we have Hexloom who always manages to make a silly moment even funnier.

“Rust was actually the reason that i bought a PC in the first place. My first dose of the game was getting into Faceless, Soup, Zuckles, and AquaFPS videos over on YouTube back in 2016. Watching them goof off and seeing all of the interactions they would get into made me really love the game before I even laid my hands on it. I would watch so many Rust videos that luckily I already had a slight understanding of how to play, so i didn’t have to go into the game completely blind. Once I started playing it became my life and I said goodbye to my friends as I spent countless hours trying to improve at the game.I can have completely different experiences in the game from day to day and it just adds to why this game is truly beautiful. Time progressed and I started dabbling in recording footage of game-play and making really crappy YT videos of it. I also started getting into streaming at the time and Rust was my main go-to game for that.From then on I discovered Frost and Omiae on YouTube and realized they somehow were basically making cinematic movies out of this game and I wanted to learn how. Luckily both of them had a cinematic tutorial video on their YT channels and it was like discovering this whole other side of Rust that I could now deep dive into while also trying to step up my own content.

I try to keep my content humorous, have a story and add a dash of PVP content since I’m still learning to play the game, even after all these years. I’d just like to say thank you for creating such an awesome game, through it I’ve been able to make connections with people that i never thought i would talk to and many of whom I’ve looked up to very much.”

This is what happens when you unbind W & S. Elysium Project

I’m always a fan of custom maps that are outside the normal realm of Rust gameplay and The Elysium Project did just that.

Got a nice sci-fi feel to it!

Can join their discord if you want to check it out.Sailing away!

Come Sail Away all done in Rust instruments! · Come Sail Away *Final*Reddit Bits

User u/rustdaVinci made a giant mall and a pretty badass roller coaster!

Rust – RP Mall and Rollercoaster with jump and loop! from r/playrust

u/roserfulillust made a beautiful painting. Much better than the phallic counter parts on most Rust signs.

I loved painting this one from r/playrust

Show me the stuff!

If you made something cool or saw something cool, reach out! Tag me on the Twitterverse or u/ErrnieGerrn Reddit.

Cover art by Shhlie!

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