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Rust Console Beta Ended

Closed Beta has come to an end, thank you for taking part!

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Hello Rust Console community! The Closed Beta test has come to an end, and we could not be happier with the results. All the feedback provided has been of great value to us, and it allowed us to deal with most of the issues that arose during the test.

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Thanks to all of you, the game is now in a much better state than it was initially, and for us it’s amazing to see how much of an improvement the game has undergone in such a short period of time. Of course there’s still work to be done and things to be improved before we can consider it “ready for release”, but this is exactly what these types of tests are for.

The most critical feedback we got was learning how the game behaves with a huge number of players trying to connect to it at the same time, so by expanding the test as much as we did during the Closed Beta period, we ultimately improved the player experience for launch.

Once we move to the Pre-Order Beta test this will run in a much more updated version of the game compared to the one we had previously during the Closed Beta test. This new version will be a lot more stable, and we also plan to introduce some new exciting features to keep the experience fresh and the community engaged. 

For us, all of this has been a monumental and extremely valuable learning experience. Not only was this our first time letting the public play our game, but we also had to adapt to this new rhythm of  pushing ourselves further so we could quickly address the problems as soon as they came in. Overall, we feel that Rust Console Edition is shaping up well leading to the release.

Soon we will reveal the start date for the Pre-Order Beta test as well as talk about the NDA lift. We know that some of you are really excited to be able to finally stream and make videos about the game and the team is super excited to see them as well!

We’ll be in touch when the NDA has lifted, but until then please keep in mind that all footage from the Closed Beta test will remain under NDA indefinitely and can never be shared in the public domain.

We will also open a new Discord server for a limited period of time. Those that will participate in the Pre-Order Beta test will have access to it and once that next beta test is finished we will close it and move all the members to the official Rust Console Edition Discord server.

(Rust LFG) – If you already look for a community discord for Console we have opened a community Discord which has multiple roles to match up with players that going to play console come join us!

If you want to join us in this next step of journey you can still pre-order the Deluxe and Ultimate edition to guarantee access to the Pre-Order Beta test once it goes live!
If that’s not the case, no hard feelings, it was great to have you around and we are truly grateful for all the help and feedback provided.

Thank you everyone once again for all the support, we promise that we will keep working hard on Rust Console Edition and we can’t wait to share with all of you what’s to come for the future of the game. 

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